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Why Did Jesus Come?

Take a few minutes and consider the wonderful reality of why Jesus came to Earth!

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We Stand With Israel!

Just to be clear: Eagles In Leadership stands firmly with Israel and blatantly condemns Hamas for its ongoing hatred of Israel. We pray for the grieving and those terrorized and plead with the Lion of Judah to deal with these … Continue reading

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Whisperers! Bad News For Our Leadership!

“My enemies speak maliciously about me: “When will he die and be forgotten?” When one of them comes to visit, he speaks deceitfully; he stores up evil in his heart; he goes out and talks. All who hate me whisper … Continue reading

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Pray for Northeast India!

We have pastors in India who are reporting distressing news coming from Northeast India. Pastor Rao, a dear friend in ministry there, reports: Manipur the north-eastern state of India is burning due to Ethnic Violence, Hindu religious extremists, RSS, BJP … Continue reading

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God Doesn’t Treat All People the Same!

We hear it all the time in the Mythology of Churchianity: God blesses all people the same, or God doesn’t have favorites. But, does God treat everyone the same way? David tells us, “No! He does not!” In fact, we … Continue reading

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The Foundations of Our Faith Begin …

“For the leader. By David: In Adonai I find refuge. So how can you say to me, “Flee like a bird to the mountains! See how the wicked are drawing their bows and setting their arrows on the string, to … Continue reading

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What To Do When In Distress!

Attacks come from all sides! You just suffered a huge personal loss and NOW your enemies jump you in your darkness. What does the disciple of King Jesus do? David responds prays! “He said: “I love you, Adonai, my strength! … Continue reading

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Choices Determine Destinies!

We have a choice every day throughout this life: – Faith or Fear– Courage or Cowardice– Walk or Talk– Do or Excuses– Responsible or Blame– Benefit or Lose– Significance or Shame– Pleasure or Guilt– Favor or Trouble– Focus or Confusion– … Continue reading

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Oh, That God Would Send Us an Ezekiel or Three! (Ezekiel 2, CJB)

America, and I am sure most countries right now, could use an Ezekiel or three in this current world devolution, this beastialization of humanity. Here is what God said to Ezekiel … may God speak to someone soon! The Text … Continue reading

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Hope For Today #236 – Christmas Sets Our Agendas: God Visits the Willingly Obedient

Christmas reminds us that God visits the willingly obedient (Luke 1:38) This Christmas, remember, many will say, “Happy Holidays!” instead of “Merry Christmas!”  Don’t be upset at them … they are just professing that the Jesus Christ of Christmas hasn’t … Continue reading

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