Series – Created To Be Creative

Face it; almost all ministries are copies of all the rest! Yet the God who designs with amazing creativity has given us the same ability. Moving from copycat to creative in your leadership is a matter of following the leader – God himself. You will enjoy this series as Dr. Smith opens your world to the incredible variety of God and his Spirit!

And yes, you can pick and choose topics you’d like Dr. Smith to speak on. Of course! He will come to your church or organization over repeated dates to bring this material to you.

The Individual Lessons

  • Created To Be Creative! 7 key factors for creativity from Genesis.
  • Created To Be Curious! 7 key strategies for improving your curiosity from Proverbs 2.
  • Created To Be Open and Flexible! The case for open-mindedness from the lips of Jesus.
  • Created To Risk! Risk-tolerance: the essence of Abrahamic faith.
  • Created To Be Passionate! 7 key Biblical ingredients to passionate creativity for life.
  • Created To Be Challenged! 5 examples from Paul’s life in pressurized times.
  • Created With Ideas! Unleashing the rivers of living water trapped inside!
  • Creativity and Clutter! 4 vital stewardship principles for organizing your life.
  • Creativity Killers! (The Words and Thoughts That Massacre Innovation) 7 applications of the power of words from James 3.
  • Created As A Team! 7 aspects of the mysterious body of Christ from 1 Corinthians 12.


In order to book Dr. Smith, simply message Ofel Ladines, You can discover more about Dr. Smith and his ministry at