Series – Leading With Significance

While many people seek after success, the goal is eternal significance for those who serve Jesus Christ! In each powerful lesson, Dr. Smith recharges your leader’s hope and develops their skills and abilities for spiritual leadership. In a world craving leadership integrity and veracity, courage and strength, this series delivers all of this and more!

And yes, you can pick and choose topics you’d like Dr. Smith to speak on. Of course! He will come to your church or organization over repeated dates to bring this material to you.

The Individual Lessons

  • The Leader’s Source of Strength– Prayer! 8 aspects of the leader’s prayer life.
  • The Leader’s Source of Stamina – Discipline!3 key questions to answer for maximum effect from discipline.
  • The Trust Factor: Integrity In Ministry– 11 key characteristics of integrity.
  • Always Curious, Always Learning – 8 Biblical examples of life-long learners!
  • Finding the Best in People – 16 actions to express true Biblical love to others.
  • And Then Some … Practical ways to remove the “roadblocks” that destroy our effectiveness in ministry.
  • Getting the Message Across – Essential elements from Paul’s trip to Thessalonica.
  • The People ARE Your Ministry! 14 Biblical attitudes needed for a people-centered ministry.
  • Another Word for Success – 4 traps that terrorize success (and how to beat them)!
  • The “WE” of Leadership – The power of a team seen from Moses’ judicial ministry to Israel.
  • Bite The Apple, Climb The Stairs– 14 principles from Jesus on planning and achieving your goals.
  • Pushing The Envelope! 8 Biblical principles to teach us to number our days and to develop a clear action plan in order to do something great for God!


In order to book Dr. Smith, simply message Ofel Ladines, You can discover more about Dr. Smith and his ministry at