Series – Teamwork in Turbulent Times

In this series, which you can pick and choose from, Dr. Smith will explore the key components of building Biblical teamwork in your staff or leadership team.

And yes, Dr. Smith will come to your church or organization over repeated dates to bring this material to you.

  • Playing to Win– 4 Key strategies to Biblically win in life and ministry.
  • Coaching Your Team to Victory– 5 Core commitments of a great coach.
  • Devising a Winning Game Strategy – 4 powerful attitudes.
  • Establishing Your Shared Purpose– Translating core beliefs into a clear, powerful statement of vision and mission.
  • Recruiting Excellent Team Players– 7 core character qualities of an excellent team player.
  • Learning From Our Losses– 7 practical guides to growing an attitude that will make the most of our mistakes.
  • Courage: Breakfast of Champions– The Dynamic Duo: Courage and Faith.
  • Focusing on the Goal: The Secret of Winning in Life! Caleb: Theexample of focusing on goals for winning in life!
  • Developing Your Coaching Staff– A coaching case study: Coach Paul to Staffer Timothy.
  • Celebrating the Victories– Smaller Victories Should Be Celebrated With Praise! Larger Victories Should Be Celebrated With Promotions! Huge Victories Should Be Celebrated With Parties!


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