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I toured Israel as a teenager my parents. The trip really opened up my eyes and made my Bible reading come alive. To visit the actual places that I had heard about and read about all my life was amazing. It made my Bible come alive and the verses I had learned as a child resonate in my soul. Definitely a life changing event!
– Hannah Moore

Tour leaders are usually members of the clergy or are in leadership positions within the church organization. Our tours and tour leaders create a spiritual and educational journey for the members of their community who join them. Bring your church closer together with an emotional journey together through the bible and its teachings.

If you have not traveled with us before, we recommend that you take one of our individually scheduled tours. Dr. Smith is happy to assist with any questions you have.

If you have already experienced a tour, we invite you to customize a tour for your next group. Keep in mind that all of our tours can include host benefits such as free travel.

Contact Dr. Smith today to find out more about this exciting opportunity for your church or organization.