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“I just so happen to go to church with the author of this phenomenal book. It’s an excellent book, representing both the practical and philosophical sides of disciple-making.”

By Brandon Cox, Pastor.com, Saddleback Church concerning Growing Missional Leaders: Biblical Strategies to Reach Your World For Christ

“I found Dr. Smith’s book an easy read and to be something that might motivate leaders to take a new look at this recent buzz word among Christian leaders—missional. It simply means that the church becomes actively involved in community mission projects thus making every Christian a missionary. Is that not what Christ has called us to become? One statement made in the book that I particularly likes is, “There is no success without a successor. In other words you succeed when you have trained your replacement.”(82) Not many Christians, elders, deacons, teachers, or for that matter pastors can claim success on those terms. We have much work to do and as one more book by a leader with a servant’s heart I highly recommend Growing Missional Leaders. Applying Dr. Smith’s principles will help church leaders cultivate a disciple making missional culture in the church so that disciples get out of the church to make more disciples.”

By Dr. Tom Cocklereece, Simple Discipleship, concerning Growing Missional Leaders: Biblical Strategies to Reach Your World For Christ

“I was raised in the church; however, I found it difficult to really understand scripture and the lessons behind the text. Dr. Smith has written beautiful daily devotions for the average person so that they know of Gods love for them.

“In His Presence not only carefully dissects the scriptures of Psalms but also leaves you wanting to learn more. After reading several passages, I was left feeling inspired and with a better understanding of God’s promises for His children.”

By J. Ruzicka (Greenwood, Indiana) concerning In His Presence


“As one who has rebelled and walked away from God I was able to see just what kind of hurt and pain a prodigal can cause not only to themself but to those whom they love and those who love them. Hope Enabler is a must read if you were a prodigal yourself or if you are a parent of a prodigal, or if you are just interested to read about the amazing things God can do if you just let go and give him control of what seems to be an impossible situation. The scripture reference in this book will help anyone that is going through tough times. The experiences the author recalls are honest and courageous and she should be commended for listening to the Lord by telling her story. As a father of three I hope I would have the courage if left in the situation of Hope Enabler.”

By Frank R. Gratrix (Pico Rivera, California) concerning Hope Enabler


Dr. Smith has written an exceptional devotional that is great for one wanting to read through the Bible or simply to get a taste of highlight passages from many of the books of the Bible.

“Pastors and lay persons will find his excellent (and practical) outlines to the point and memorable. Matt draws principles for daily living, and these principles actually emerge from the text.

“For example, his devotional outline of Judges 2:1-5 is titled, “The Essence of Sin” and the main idea is that the essence of sin is selfishness. His points are: Selfishness forgets the grand redemption God has given us, Selfishness neglects the great responsibility God has given us, and Selfishness ignores the ghastly result God has promised us. He elaborates with a sentence or two and then offers a thought for the day. Each devotional is one “fully loaded” page.

“Good, practical material.”

By Edward J. Vasicek (Kokomo, Indiana) concerning In His Image


“Dr. Matthew Smith was my instructor, is my mentor and now my friend. I have taken classes with Dr. Smith in various topics in Theology. He has a passion and love for God’s Word and for God’s people. He lives to equip God’s church and He uses many of his God given talents to galvanize, energize and equip the body of Christ. Dr. Smith not only has the brilliant mind but also a humble heart. The best sermon I heave heard him preach is the life he lives. He is a loving father, family leader and a leader in the faith community. I recommend him without hesitation.”

By Daniel Mehrabian, researcher at Araratministries, (Greater Los Angeles Area) concerning Dr. Matthew Lee Smith


I have had the pleasure of knowing my good friend Matthew (Matt) Smith for nearly four years now as colleagues in a pastoral support group in which we have grown to know much about each other in trust and accountability.

I admire Matt, first of all, for his spiritual desire to seek out the things of God which colors everything he does from writing to church ministry to teaching and to preaching. When he spoke at my church in my absence his words were appreciated and his demeanor respected, exactly what I expected from Matt.

Secondly, Matt’s life is a testimony of his faith. His faith doesn’t waver when things get tough. In fact, it seems to grow stronger. That’s the kind of godliness I want to rub shoulders with.

If Matt ever needs someone to say that he can be counted on as “the real deal,” I will be there to say, “He’s your man!”

Rev. Sam Wilder, Pastor of West Lakewood Baptist Church, CA concerning Dr. Matthew Lee Smith

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