Series – Soaring With Eagles In Leadership

At the heart of all great leadership is a great leader! In these Bible-based lessons, Dr. Smith focuses on the core elements of being an ‘Eagle’ leader by ‘Encouraging Achievement in Godly Leaders by Emphasizing Servanthood’ (EAGLES). This series feeds the eagle in all of us!

And yes, you can pick and choose topics you’d like Dr. Smith to speak on. Of course! He will come to your church or organization over repeated dates to bring this material to you.

The Individual Lessons

  • With Wings Of Eagles (The Value of Patience) 6 steps in how to be patience in the ministry and the Christian life.
  • The Eyes Of An Eagle (The Importance of Vision) 6 insights about vision that teach us the necessity of altitude in our leadership.
  • Carried On Eagle’s Wings (The Benefits of a Mentor) 9 characteristics of an eagle mentor are described so the young eaglet can find someone to help them in their personal growth.
  • Renewed Like An Eagle (The Secret of Strength) 7 secrets of strength that comes from a relationship with God.
  • Exalted As An Eagle (The Dangers of Pride) This lesson explores the dangers of pride in ministry, how to expose them in our lives and how to live a life that prevents them.
  • Swift As An Eagle (The Conquering of Your Time Problems) This lesson will give you clear guidelines on how to “cut through” the hassles of time management, more results from your effort, and more time to enjoy family and friends.
  • Boundaries of An Eagle (The Territories Of Our Ministry) This lesson explores our “ministry territory” where we nurture our young eaglets and vigorously defend them at all time from predators. Also explored is our “hunting territory” where we draw prospects for our ministry team.
  • Nourished As An Eagle (The Imperative Of A Spiritual Retreat) This lesson provides both a strategy and a plan for your next “spiritual retreat.”
  • Motivated As An Eagle (The Hunger That Should Drive Us) This lesson teaches one of the key Biblical methods of motivation available to the eagle leader and provides practical ways to encourage those more “reluctant” members of our ministry team into serving God with enthusiasm.
  • Flying High Like An Eagle (The Avoidance Of Irritations) This lesson explains how to catch the “updrafts” and soar above the storms and the “smaller birds” that seek to ground the eagle leader.


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