Reaching Your Community in Your Generation Weekend

The world around us changes approximately every 18 months! Such change brings great challenges to our mission. Eagles In Leadership has designed a weekend to help you energize your congregation or organization to fulfill the Great Commission in your community. You can bring this weekend to your church or organization! (More about that in a moment.) The weekend looks like this …

Saturday – Sunday Suggested Schedule


Breakfast gathering – around tables (Suggested)


Session 1: Help! My Community is Changing!

50 minutes – after breakfast

The community around our facilities has changed so much since we first started this ministry. Our mission has never changed – we are here to reach our community to Christ. So what’s happened and, better yet, what can we do to fix it? This session helps us understand the natural process of decline in a church and how to bring focus afresh on the mission so that we can reach our community in our generation!



15-20 minutes

Enjoy some time with Dr. Smith, peruse the book table and get an autographed copy of one of his books!


Session 2: What’s Your Dream? (And How to Reach It!)

50 minutes

God has placed a specific dream in the heart of every church. That dream involves the mission of Jesus – to make disciples of all nations. In this exciting, informative and inspiring session, Dr. Smith will take you through specific steps to help you discover or rediscover the dream of God for your life as an individual and as a church body. You will come away from this session with fresh energy and hope as you seek to share your story of God’s glory to spread His name and fame!


Sunday (Suggested)

Session 3: Healthy Churches Grow!

40 minutes 

Healthy couples have children; sick ones don’t. The same is true for churches. Bringing people to faith is the birthing process within God’s Church. Understanding what happens that brings decline in American Churches is a key to helping us reach our community in our generation. Once you know what went wrong, you can begin to take steps, as a church, to fix those things! In this powerful session, Dr. Smith walks us through the natural life of a church and shows us how to bring fresh life and vitality to our congregation!



15-20 minutes

Enjoy some time with Dr. Smith, peruse the book table and get an autographed copy of one of his books!


Session 4: It’s All About the Mission!

40 minutes – Morning Worship Message

In order to reach our community in our generation we will need to focus on two key issues, according to Jesus. In this humorous, encouraging and insightful message, Dr. Smith will reinvigorate your faith and center your life on the two keys all growing churches focus upon.


Optional Q & A Session: What are the questions you would like an answer to?

Pot luck lunch session

In this informal setting, you will have an opportunity to ask any question about church growth, church health and how to reach your community in your generation!


In order to book Dr. Smith, simply message Ofel Ladines, You can discover more about Dr. Smith and his ministry at