We Stand With Israel!

Just to be clear: Eagles In Leadership stands firmly with Israel and blatantly condemns Hamas for its ongoing hatred of Israel.

We pray for the grieving and those terrorized and plead with the Lion of Judah to deal with these doers of evil swiftly, completely, and unequivocally.

Doc was asked by a radio station this weekend to share his thoughts on what’s going on in Israel right now. Here’s what he shared with them. And hopefully it will be encouraging and illuminating to you as well.

First,  we have to remember God is in control.  He prophesied that Israel would become a nation,  he birthed it and it’s not going away.

Second, Jesus said,  “In this world, you will have many tribulations.  Be of good cheer,  I have overcome the world.” We don’t get easy street as the people of God,  including our Jewish cousins.

Third,  the legacy media will always paint Israel badly because they hate the nation because they hate the God of the nation. Sift what you see and what you hear.  They have an agenda and it doesn’t include the people of God, specifically Israel at this moment. 

Fourth,  we need to pray by faith.  They’ve come against the Lion of Judah.  And he isn’t happy about his people suffering.  Trust God.  He’s in control and knows what’s best and how to defeat evil.

Fifth,  Don’t react in the moment. Let God’s power and plan work itself out.  What may appear to be awful may be used to accomplish a greater victory.  The Bible is filled with such stories. Faith trusts God in the midst of adversity.

Sixth, remember these are the Last Days.  And so, the focus of Satan is on the destruction of Israel. Anyone who knows anything about prophecy knows that the bitter comes before Jesus returns.  Remember the Valley of Armageddon and its ultimate purpose. Whether any of this is a precursor or not to that last battle isn’t ours to know yet.  What we do know is that wars are part of these Last Days. 

Finally,  choose hope in King Jesus.  He is working the Father’s plan written before the foundation of the world.  In the end,  we win.  In the middle, we suffer.  It’s not a popular message to Americans, but to Biblical Christians,  we’ve known this for decades.  So,  it’s time to pray for Israel and our own nation.  It’s time to pray for revival in our churches.  And. It’s time to repent of any sin we’ve allowed to creep in to our daily routines.  After all,  Jesus may visibly return sooner than we think for His Bride.  We don’t want to be caught napping!

As someone who’s been to Israel 7 times and has many, many friends in Israel let me tell you that God has kept them safe so far.

And,  Lord willing,  Kate and I will lead another group to walk where Jesus walked starting November 29 this year. 

He is able!

He is good!

He is in charge!

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