God Doesn’t Treat All People the Same!

We hear it all the time in the Mythology of Churchianity: God blesses all people the same, or God doesn’t have favorites. But, does God treat everyone the same way?

David tells us, “No! He does not!” In fact, we are told that God treats us the way we are, based on the Content of our Character! Listen as He explains …

  • You deal faithfully with the faithful;
  • You show integrity toward the one who has integrity.
  • You are pure toward the pure,
  • But toward the crooked, you are tricky.
  • You are the one who saves people who suffer and
  • You bring down those with proud eyes.” (Psalm 18:25–27, CEB)

Today, think about your choices, they reflect your character – who you really are. And remember …

We are the way we are BECAUSE we are the way we are!

Choose a better choice each time because God will treat us the way we are, not the way we want Him to!

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