21 Days Begins January 2!

Our Certainty:

Be strong and courageous; 

Don’t be terrified or afraid of them. 

For the Lord your God is the one who will go with you; 

He will not leave you or abandon you.”

(Deuteronomy 31:6, CSB)

Our Passion:

That God would pour out COURAGE upon us as we seek to make disciples of all ethnicities this year!

SO THAT we can …

  • Glorify His name!
  • Accomplish His will!
  • Expand His Kingdom!
  • Brag about His presence!

Our Plan:

We plan to DAY fast for 21 days,

crying out to King Jesus for His Strength and Courage in EVERY area of our lives!

Day Fast: No food from SUNRISE to SUNSET. Liquids are based on personal convictions and preferences. (Doc will take water, coffee, or tea throughout daylight hours.)

21 Days: We will fast EVERY day for 3 weeks, beginning January 2, 2024.

Crying out to King Jesus: Each day there will be a TARGET area for prayer, revolving around the THEME of the week. There will be areas for us to ASK God for insight into as well as time for us to POUR OUT our soul before the Lord THROUGHOUT the day and ESPECIALLY during the time we would NORMALLY be eating.

For His FearlessnessWe believe 2024 is a year of great fearlessness for those who will trust and believe that our King commanded us to “Go to the people of all nations and make them my disciples.” (Matthew 28:19, CEV)

Therefore, we will CRY OUT to King Jesus to MAKE DISCIPLES OF THE PEOPLE OF ALL NATIONS let us be certain that they will “Turn back to God! [they will] be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, so that their sins will be forgiven. Then they will be given the Holy Spirit. This promise is for you and your children. It is for everyone our Lord God will choose, no matter where they live.” (Acts 2:38–39, CEV)

Among EVERY group of people that touch our lives: We are aware that when some people in our lives who are excluded from God’s forgiveness and salvation. SO, we will ask God to OPEN every heart around our lives in 2024 … VISIBLY TRANSFORM every person in our lives SO THAT THEY WILL SURRENDER TO JESUS AS THEIR KING and we will see them GLORIFY GOD by His visible manifestation of power!

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