Impacted By God’s Word

Some verses just make a bigger impact in my life than others. How about you? Sure they do!

When this verse comes across my path each year in my Bible reading, it causes me to stop and evaluate some things.

  • Do I believe this?
  • Am I seeing this play out in my daily life?
  • Which aspect of this verse do I see right now?

Questions like this flow through my heart, mind, and soul when I read this verse.

Do I believe this? 

Yes, I do. Not intellectually alone, but experientially. I have watched this truth play out in daily life – mine especially, time and time again. My good friend and the executive vice president of media for Eagles In Leadership, Mike Powers, once said, “I am always interested in the favor of God. How do we get it? How do we experience it? What does God say about it?”

That comment has led me on a multi-year search of God’s Word for clues on the subject of His favor. Here, I see why God gives it and my life experience has confirmed it time and again.

Am I seeing this play out in my daily life?

Again, yes, I am! While my life may not measure up to the fantasies of others, I see on a daily basis how He has placed people in my path to bless me and make my way clear. Recently, one of my new mentors said this about how he lives out His faith that God is good to him personally …

Because God loves me … 

If anything can go right today, it will go right and happen to me at the best time. Nothing will be as difficult as it looks. Nothing will take as long as it seems.

These words reflect the reality of God’s favor in action.

What aspect of this verse do I see right now?

Over the past few weeks, Melodee and I have watched God put people in our path to make life work so much easier. This is a kind of “greasing the wheels” of life. Time and again we have watched things go right when things could have wrecked. Wow! Yes, I am seeing the favor of God play out daily. I guess this is easy to see because I have also watched the opposite … when life is difficult because I have been far away from the Lord.

What about you? What Bible verse is impacting your life right now? God is trying to tell you something important through that verse. He’s trying to guide us to His next step in the Divine Plan He has for us … and that plan is good because He is good.

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