Buy a copy (or a case) of Secrets of a Secret Shopper!


Greg Atkinson has nailed it this time! Now you can bring the expertise of professional consultant to your church for less than a meal at your favorite fast-food place.

Helping you remove barriers and distractions so your guests can focus on what God wants to do in their hearts is what this book is all about.

Secrets of a Secret Shopper helps you remove the nervousness, stress, and uneasiness from first-time visitors so that they will want to return again and again, making your church their spiritual family.

With practicality and detail, which are Greg’s signature trademark, Secret Shopper opens one’s eyes, ears, nose – yes, I said “nose” – and heart to the glaring and subtle things first-timers see, hear and smell when they first step onto your campus. With each interaction, those first 10 minutes will determine whether they return again. (There’s even a great chapter on how to engage people long before they attend a service or event so that they will want to come!)

Your leadership team will devour this book; so get a copy for everyone. Take them through a study and take Greg’s wisdom to heart. You will be able to change a horrible first impression into an encounter where your guests feel special and valued.

This is one of the most practical, usable, and sensible books on helping the local church make a great impact when those we have invited actually step foot on campus. This is a must buy, a must read, a must apply book!


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