Transformed Interviews Wayne Elsey – Almost Isn't Good Enough!

We are thrilled to share with you our interview with Wayne Elsey, author of the amazing book,  Almost Isn’t Good Enough.

 Almost Isn’t Good Enough  is call to live out the compassion of Jesus’ heart in a world of suffering and hopelessness. A man who decided one day to make a difference globally writes about what he has learned, hoping to challenge you to make a difference in your world in your generation.

Taking what he knew from his corporate experience, much like Moses took his shepherd’s rod, Wayne shares how he formed a non-profit organization that uses the best common sense to change the world, one pair of shoes at a time.

You will be challenged to rethink how organizations work, especially if you are in a non-profit, like the Church, and why they run.

You can learn more about Wayne and his ministry here.

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