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Transformed Interviews Wayne Elsey – Almost Isn't Good Enough!

We are thrilled to share with you our interview with Wayne Elsey, author of the amazing book,  Almost Isn’t Good Enough.  Almost Isn’t Good Enough  is call to live out the compassion of Jesus’ heart in a world of suffering … Continue reading

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Signs of Impending Death in an Urban Church

Visit most any urban church in America and you will often find a small group of people rattling around in a large facility. The “glory days” for the church have passed them by and things are currently being held together … Continue reading

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What Should We Be Doing During Transition?

Resurrecting a dying church is much like working in an ER. The dying patient may have many medical problems, but in order to keep them alive, priorities are made on those wounds and injuries that are most life threatening. As … Continue reading

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