What Are You Dreaming About? (3)

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This is the third in our series, “What Are You Dreaming About?” Today I want to focus our attention the proclamation of the Good News of Jesus Christ. Since I am looking for a full-time position in ministry, I thought I would share my heart with you in an attempt to get your juices going.

As I pray and fast each week, in my time alone with God and in the daily activities of life, God has been focusing my heart on the dream He wants me to follow. Whether God provides me a senior pastor position, or a staff position in the area of discipleship, leadership and / or missional outreach, I know He will guide based on the dreams he has placed in my heart.

Perhaps my dreaming will stir your heart and soul and cause you to revisit your dreams. Today I want to share my dream for proclamation. How do I see myself proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ?

I dream about preaching …

o   In a relevant way, bringing the timeless truths of God’s heart alive for the present traveler on life’s journey.

o   To encourage multi-racial, multi-cultural, multi-generational connection and interaction, enjoying the diversity and unity of the body of Christ and all the benefits this nourishes in our lives.

o   Where God is worshiped in a contemporary way, enjoying the worship of God through the newness of the fresh stirring of God’s Spirit.

What do you dream about when you dream about proclaiming the Good News of Jesus? Would you like to share it with us? I would love to hear what God is doing in your heart and soul! Perhaps your dream will connect with someone else as you share it. (And of course, if you like my dream and it connects with your ministry, I am looking for a full time position.)

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By Daniel Mehrabian, researcher at Araratministries, (Greater Los Angeles Area)

Biblical leadership, passionate evangelism and discipleship, a missional heart and lifestyle, authentic personal relationship with God – Dr. Smith will come to your church or organization and speak on any of these areas.

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