Genesis: The Beginning of the Nations

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Beginning Of The Nations With The Tower Of Babel (Genesis 11)

In this section we learn of the divisions of nations. Humanity desires to make a name for themselves – to become world famous. Finding a location near ancient Babylon, they begin to build a great tower, which would become a monument to their abilities and desires.

Apparently the pride and arrogance of these ancient people was intolerable to God and he decides to judge them. In the judgment, God confuses their language, so that they can no longer work together. As a result, the people find those who speak the same languages they do and they settle in groups where they can communicate with each other.

God Continues Through A Family! (Genesis 12-50)

Another 225 years passes (11.10-26) before Abram is born in Ur of the Chaldeans (modern Kuwait).  With the birth of Abram, we begin to see how God forms the future nation of Israel upon the faith of this one man.

Abraham Becomes The Father Of Faith In God (12-25)

As this segment of our journey goes by, a lot happens. It is important to look for these very important items as we travel through.

  • God’s promise to Abraham (Abram until after Isaac’s birth) at the age of 75 is to make of Him a great nation and through him to bless the whole world; (12)
  • Abram’s belief of God’s promise to him to produce the promise God given to him in chapter 12; (15)
  • Isaac’s miraculous birth by Sarah (age 90) to Abraham (age 100) in fulfillment of the promise to make of Abraham a great nation; (17, 18, 21)

Many other themes run through this passage. These are the essential ones to understanding the story line of the Old Testament and the creation of the nation of Israel.

We will continue this series with our next installment: “Difficulties When Reading the Bible” on Thursday.

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