Transformed Episode #075 – Experiencing Daily Forgiveness (How to Live in Forgiveness)


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We are grateful that you have returned to another episode of the Transformed podcast, I’m your host Mike Powers. Our series entitled, Forgiveness – The Breath of Life! continues today with today’s episode, Experiencing Daily Forgiveness!

We do not often enough talk about spiritual intelligence, the consistent application of basic God-revealed spiritual principles to our lives. One of those key ideas is how people forgiven by the grace of the Lord Jesus live as forgiven people. How do they experience the privilege of continuing fellowship with the Godhead? Let’s tune in to Dr. Matthew Lee Smith as he teaches the congregation at First Baptist Church of Palos Verdes CA from 1 John 1.5 – 2.2.

Enjoying life with God is what Dr. Smith’s new book, In His Presence, is all about. If you long for an intimate walk with God that is marked by joy and pleasure, we know you will want to pick up a copy. Copies are available on the side bar at the website. We encourage you to order yours today.

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One Response to Transformed Episode #075 – Experiencing Daily Forgiveness (How to Live in Forgiveness)

  1. JT says:

    Dr Matt

    Havent listened in a while but I see now I will have to go back and catch up on what I missed.

    great series.

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