Happy Birthday Zig! Zig's New Book Interview with Mike Powers

embracethestruggleMike Powers interviews Julie Ziglar Norman and Tom Zigler about Zig Zigler and Julie Ziglar Norma’s new book Embrace the Struggle: Living Life on Life’s Terms.

From a highly successful career in motivational speaking to a daily struggle overcoming the effects of a head injury, Zig Ziglar’s life changed drastically in just minutes when he suffered a traumatic fall down the stairs one fateful night. After years of speaking and writing about the value of having a positive attitude and being thankful, Zig was challenged to put his own words into practice.

In true Ziglar style, filled with optimism and honesty, Zig shares his experience, along with heartening stories from friends, as he seeks to encourage and remind you that life is worth living, even if it’s not on our own terms.

Mike’s own story was included in the book (pg 109).

Purchase Embrace the Struggle on Amazon.com

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