Transformed Podcast Interviews Daniel Henderson

strategic-renewal-personal-renewalcongregational-revivalleadership-restoration-igniting-the-heart-of-the-churchWe welcome to the podcast today, Dr, Daniel Henderson. Daniel is Founder and President of Strategic Renewal. After spending 25 years in rewarding full-time pastoral ministry, Daniel is now full-time with Strategic Renewal, freeing him to do more writing, lead prayer events, speak at conferences, raise money to help hurting pastors, and use his decades of local church experience to encourage renewal in every way possible. During his years as a pastor, Daniel embraced what he calls the “bonfire” paradigm, focusing on one local church as a model to help ignite other churches in worship-based prayer. Now he has more of a “brushfire” focus as he seeks to ignite fires of renewal across the country and around the world.

“Serving through Strategic Renewal is a true calling; the mission the Lord has put before us. The ministry is truly strategic and Christ-honoring. It goes beyond the superficial and ‘felt’ needs of society and powerfully encourages the very heart and life of the church. Renewal. Revival. Restoration. This cause is worthy of my very life.”

You are encouraged to contact Daniel at:

Strategic Renewal
PO Box 365
Forest, VA 24551

Phone: 888.326.4774

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