Transformed Episode #064 – Gifted Beyond Your Wildest Dreams!

God wants to put his church together! He wants his church to grow! In fact, we will learn today that it is the nature of the church to grow! If a church is not growing, then that church is sick!

God is so concerned about the growth of his church that he has presented every local church with a gift! THE purpose for all of these gifts is plainly declared to us today … spiritual maturity! Spiritual maturity is not a gaining of knowledge, but a giving of service. You know you are spiritually maturing when you are serving the local church body of King Jesus! When you are “pulling your load” and not “making a load of work,” then you are maturing!

As Dr. Matthew Lee Smith, Senior Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Palos Verdes CA, we discover 5 special gifts God has given to His church!

Let’s listen in now as Pastor Matt teaches us all about giftedness – beyond your wildest dreams!

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