Transformed Episode #063 – Power Beyond Your Wildest Dreams!

In Jesus, we have all the power we need to live beyond our wildest dreams! The reality is that many of us are often disappointed, thinking that walking with God is some how faulty! God promises an incredible life – but you feel powerless when there is a real need! But we also learn that the life beyond our wildest dreams requires the true disciple of Jesus Christ to draw deep into their walk with King Jesus!

In other words, if you want power beyond your wildest dreams, you are going to have to yield your lifestyle to certain activities that produce the harvest of God’s power – His love – in your life!

In this lesson, Dr. Matthew Lee Smith teaches the congregation at the First Baptist Church of Palos Verdes CA, that there are 5 non-negotiable actions that flow from our relationship with Christ … and these actions produce power … beyond your wildest dreams!

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