Day 8, Audacious Faith TRUSTS GOD for the Impossible!

Have you been trying to have children and no matter what you do you don’t succeed?

Today we are in Romans 4.17-21.

Abraham and Sarah were in just the same position. Both were past their prime in having children; Abraham was in ED and infertile and Sarah was post-menopausal, yet they were still trusting God for their promise child!

God makes BOLD claims and then allows us to be in IMPOSSIBLE situations JUST SO He can shine forth with His power and remind us that “Nothing is impossible for God.”” (Luke 1:37, CEB) That Luke verse is speaking of a VIRGIN birth!

As we pray for the IMPOSSIBLE during these 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting, OUR impossible is EASY for our God! It just takes faith WITHOUT DOUBT as we have already learned.
So, instead of preparing, eating, and cleaning up the meals you have chosen to fast from, get emotional, get serious, get passionate about the need you have and plead for the answer you need!

God is able! Say that phrase over and over today and tell God, “You are able!”

Today, pray and fast TRUSTING GOD IS ABLE to do what no man can do today as you to get to our Messiah King Jesus!
And please, do not forget to share this post with others as a way to encourage and strengthen their faith and your witness!
See you tomorrow!
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