Hope For Today In Times of Disaster!

Whatever else we want to say about the global pandemic we have been in, one thing is for sure: We have never seen anything like this in our lifetime. Everything closed, people frantic and panicked; People struggling and trying to come to grips with what we’re now calling the new normal.

Hi there, I’m Dr. Matthew Lee Smith and I want to share some Hope For Todayabout the fact thatfor our expansion plans to survive great storms, we must hear and heed all that God tells us to do!

We started 2020 believing in this being our year of expansion. Some people believe that that our expansion is over and survival is the name of the gamein 2020. But God is …


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Hope For Today is a part of the ministry of Eagles In Leadership. If you would like to know more about the hope God gives and His abundant life through Jesus Christ, I would invite you to check out our website: EaglesInLeadership.org.

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Kate and I are so excited about what God will do with us in 2020 – Our Year of Expansion!

As we start planning and putting our lives back together from the storm that is Covid-19, we will all need to get out and away and be inspired! God wants us to expand this year in 2020!

We want to include YOU in that EXPANSION!

  • So, in early December of this year we will be leading a tour throughout Israel! You have ALWAYS wanted to “walk where Jesus walked!” THIS is your opportunity!
  • And if you are ordained clergy and would like to go to Israel AT AN AMAZINGLY LOW PRICE THIS FALL,just click the tab, Israel Tours, on the Eagles in leadership websitefor more details and a registration form.
  • We are also excited to tell you that there are TWO opportunities in 2021 to walk in the Steps of Paul and see the Glories of Greece. Take a moment and go to our website – Eagles In Leadership .org– and click the tab, Faith Toursand follow the link for the Steps of Paultour information
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