21 Days! January 22 – Our Faith in Action Over Our Intellectual Lives!

Week 3: A Week of Faith in Action!

January 22

Our Faith in Action Over Our Intellectual Lives!

We Are Acting On What God Says!


Read: Philippians 4:4-9

Believe: Whatever we think about will grow into our lives. In other words, our minds are like gardens and God has placed us as gardeners. The more we think about something the faster it grows. If 2020 is to be Our Year of Expansion, then we will need to have a fertile mind that thinks the way God thinks. Our scripture for today has shown us what we are to dwell on and how our attitude is supposed to be reflected in everyday life if we truly desire expansion.

Ask: So, ask God these three questions and listen throughout your day for His responses:

  • Since I truly desire genuine joy, how can less anxious or worried every day and be more joyful, Lord Jesus?
  • How can I talk to and focus more on You instead of rehearsing my troubles to myself throughout the day, King Jesus?
  • Will You show me ways to remember to focus on the specific thoughts outlined in today’s reading so that I can enjoy peace throughout my day Father God?

Pray: Most gracious Lord and heavenly Father, I realize today that often my thoughts center around my doubt and not around my faith. So today I’m asking you to expand my thinking. I’m asking you to help me focus on the things that are true and noble, right and pure, lovely and admirable, excellent or praiseworthy. I want to think about such things all day long. So, as I write these focus points down and post them in areas where I will notice them throughout the day, give me ideas on how to spread my joy, my focus, and my faith so that I encourage others and breathe Your life into them. I pray all of this for Your global glory and for the praise of Your son’s name. Blessed be the Lord Jesus! Amen.

Be specific: Now, pour out your heart to God for the things you are praying and fasting for, and especially asking God to answer the three questions above!

A Year of Expansion!

Today, as we finish this final week, we have been choosing to make ourselves willing to do what it takes to live by faith in our entire lives!

More coming tomorrow! Stay alert for our next post as we wrap up week three of 2020: Our Year of Expansion with an opportunity for you to share your testimony and praise to God with all of us!

Please take the time to share your experiences below as we step out by faith and trust God for greater expansion in our lives!


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