21 Days! January 21 – Our Faith in Action Over Our Social Lives!

Week 3: A Week of Faith in Action! 

January 21

Our Faith in Action Over Our Social Lives!

We Are Acting On What God Says!


Read: Matthew 25:31-46

Believe: God’s heart always watches our heart in action. How we treat others who cannot help us reveals to God, and everyone else, how real our love for Him is. If 2020 is to be Our Year of Expansion we will need to choose to care for people’s needs as we come upon them. In other words, 2020 will be Our Year of Expansion WHEN we care for people more than we care about how someone will make us look or how they will bring advantage to us.

Ask: So, ask God these three questions and listen throughout your day for His responses:

  • How can I be more sensitive to seeing the needs of people around me as I walk through my day, Lord Jesus?
  • How can I choose to be more compassionate and generous with the needy around me throughout my day, King Jesus?
  • Why can’t I see that my lack of compassion is really a statement about my selfishness and my lack of closeness to you, Father God?

Pray: My king and my Lord, I want to follow Your example. It is my deep desire to make sure that my social lifestyle reflects how You walked on Earth. So help me, Lord Jesus, to have compassion for those in need all around me. Help me to feed, clothe, and care for those that You have brought near me this year. I understand that when my heart breaks for the people to whom Your heart breaks, You will expand my life in ways I have not yet even begun to imagine! I pray all of this for Your global glory Lord, and the fame of King Jesus’ name, amen.

Be specific: Now, pour out your heart to God for the things you are praying and fasting for, and especially asking God to answer the three questions above!


A Year of Expansion!

This final week is all about seeing that we are willing to do what it takes to live by faith in our entire lives!

More coming tomorrow! Stay alert for our next post as we continue week three of 2020: Our Year of Expansion!

Please take the time to share your experiences below as we step out by faith and trust God for greater expansion in our lives!

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