Turn-Around Tuesday – When God Remembers Us!


But God remembered Noah and all the beasts and all the livestock that were with him in the ark. And God made a wind blow over the earth, and the waters subsided. The fountains of the deep and the windows of the heavens were closed, the rain from the heavens was restrained, and the waters receded from the earth continually. At the end of 150 days the waters had abated,” (Genesis 8:1–3, ESV)


But God remembered Noah and all the beasts and all the livestock that were with him in the ark. So many times we feel like God has forgotten us. It seems like forever for many of us since God spoke and our lives were changed. Our memories of the day of our transformation through salvation are faint in the fog of today’s troubles, aren’t they?

And yet, you’ve done what God has called you to do. You have kept the faith. While you have stumbled from time to time, you have stayed the course. In your faithfulness, the struggle has been so difficult. Yet, God has chosen this moment to stop and attend to your need, to answer your prayer, to remove the obstacle, and bring about your victory!

God remembers … God looks down … God chooses to intervene at the exact moment we need Him most. For the faithful, for those who have chosen not to give up, God’s timing will be perfect.

When He shows up, He shows off! For Noah, God changed the weather. He stopped the flow of subterranean rivers. God allowed the floodwaters to subside.

Today, be assured that your storm is beginning to pass. God is working on the solution and the perfect timing of its execution. God knows the when and God knows the how of your rescue. Trust Him to come upon your nightmare and turn it into a distant memory.

Your faithfulness will be rewarded. Your fortitude will be applauded. God loves how you are remaining true to His words. He brags about your willingness to endure hardship for His name and His fame. He tells of your exploits to the angels in Heaven.

Be assured He will soon move the heavens and earth for you!


Turn-Around Tuesdays are designed to bring hope and help, insight and encouragement to those of us who are simply overwhelmed by the flood of problems life throws at us. No one is immune to trials and troubles, but God has a way of lifting us from life’s torrents. Each short thought is written by Dr. Matthew Lee Smith, Executive Director of Eagles In Leadership, and comes from his life-journey with the God who never leaves us or forsakes us. He welcomes your comments below.

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