What marriage is all about!

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We share from what we possess. That’s why the joy of the Lord is our strength. Once we have our hearts in tune with the Maker of our Souls and comprehend His incredible love and forgiveness, THEN we feel whole and we realize how much He values us. THAT alone can make us happy.

As we embrace the individuality of whom He made us to be, THEN we are able to sense a uniqueness and a happiness in the person He designed and is in the process of making. That happiness sloshes out of us in greater and greater amounts upon the people we surround ourselves with and THEN they are attracted to us or repelled by us because of the joy and the uniqueness.

As time passes someone will see us for whom we are and how we enjoy who God made us to be and will want to walk life’s journey together with us. They will be drawn to us because they realize they see joy and a stable, strong, self – someone who is safe and secure in their individuality to the point that they can share life together and pour into them from their abundance.

  • That is WHAT marriage becomes.
  • That is WHY marriage succeeds.
  • That is WHEN life grows sweeter and the journey grows lighter.
  • That is HOW God designed life to be.

I welcome your comments and thoughts.

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