Don’t Fool Yourself!

It happens every day … mostly because we are so generous and loving. We choose to believe someone because of what they say. Then, a few days, weeks, or months later we are bitten by that same person. Their lifestyle didn’t match up to their profession. Or, as I say, “Their possession wasn’t their profession.”

Jesus made it clear that we are supposed to verify one’s profession by their practices before we place our faith and trust in them …

The good person brings forth good things from his store of good, and the evil person brings forth evil things from his store of evil.” (Matthew 12:35, CJB)

Such a simple diagnostic allows us to step back, pay close attention to the actual person being demonstrated by their words and works, and then set a course appropriate to the reality within them.

Imagine how many church ministries would avoid disaster by this simple evaluation? How many couples would avoid divorce? How many relationships wouldn’t crash and burn? All because of an easy “evaluation period” of a few months of close and constant contact.

What say you? What’s your experience been? Please, share!

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