Divine Direction is a book you need to read NOW!

Divine Direction is a powerhouse of practicality. Craig Groeschel is tremendously transparent, illuminating the 7 choices that can bring about a different harvest in each person’s life.

Chapter by chapter of Divine Direction shows us how the Biblical principle, “what you plant into your life is what grows to abundance” (Galatians 6:7-8) manifests itself in our small, everyday choices. Pastor Groeschel affirms, “each choice you make is the decision of a lifetime.”

Divine Direction reminds us that every person is telling a story with their lives – and that those around us could tell us the details of what our story reveals to this point! Craig encourages us to decide what story we would like to tell with our lives and make the choices necessary for that to come to reality.

As the light of life and the words of wisdom mix into the reader’s heart and soul, hope and help begin to birth and bloom afresh. Whether you are badly marred by your own (or another’s) choices or simply off course presently, Divine Direction is for you.

Grab a copy of Divine Direction, digest its contents and then start a life group study with a few friends. You could make a big impact in their lives, perhaps even an eternal impact as you share Divine Direction with others!

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