Questions for the New Year

Which world am I living for?

As the calendar counts down its last days of this year, I stop as I always do and ponder a few questions that help me refocus. As Paul so clearly told us, “When Christ who is your life appears, then you also will appear with him in glory.” (Colossians 3:4, ESV) This verse reminds me again and again, Christ is my life!

With 2017 just hours away, these questions help me stay focused on Christ who is my life!

  • What has God taught me from His Word?

As I look over my journal and my Bible, I review the key things that God has been talking to me about across the past year. What are the key thoughts or themes God has brought to my attention? Have I made the changes yet, or do I need to make changes in my lifestyle starting now? What do I need to do?

  • What have I been too stubborn to do this past year?

Over the course of the year, we all have had areas where God has been prodding us to move forward but we have resisted. This is the question that causes me to see where I have been my obstacle to all that God wants to shower upon me. Honestly answering this question allows the breakthrough I’m seeking to occur in the New Year.

  • What is God nudging me to become in the New Year?

Doing leads to being. When I want to become something, I have to do something to get there. Whether that is losing weight, exercising and eating right to become healthy or opening God’s Word, obeying His commands and following the promptings of the Holy Spirit so that I draw near to Him (James 4.8), I have to do if I want to become something new and fresh. And God is in the new and fresh business! (See Revelation 21.5.) So, what is God nudging me to do? I ALWAYS start my answer with (1) Reading His Word daily – that is THE source of His will and direction. Then what else? I write it down and then put it on my calendar!

  • Which world am I living for (really)?

This is a new question this year. So much of my life is lived in this world … survival and existence issues. This is the question I have been wrestling through for the past few days. How does a life lived for THIS world look? What differences are there in a life lived for eternity? What do I need to change to make my life more eternal-focused and less-worldly focused?

I wanted to share these with you in hopes you would find them of value and prepare you for what I believe will be an amazing year ahead!

Doc Smith

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