Studying 1 John 1:1



Welcome to a brand new study of the Word of God on the Transformed Podcast!

Welcome to this intensive, verse – by – verse study of one of the Christ-follower’s most life-changing Biblical journeys!

1 John is a small letter, written as a discipleship manual for those in the Apostle John’s home church while he was away. Perhaps written while in exile on the island of Patmos for his bold and daring faith, John writes to call his flock, and every one of us, to live boldy and unashamedly for Jesus in these last days.  

Here with the first episode of our study, we delve into chapter one and seek to understand the components of a real, vibrant and cleansing relationship with Jesus our Lord and Savior.

Let’s listen in as Dr. Matthew Lee Smith teaches his seminary students what it means to truly walk in the faith by walking with Jesus.

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And now, until our next episode from 1 John, we are praying that the confidence that comes from a close relationship with Jesus will be yours as you apply His word to your lives today!


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