The Hard Hearted Care More About Their Reputation Than Other People’s Lives!



Some thoughts from Exodus 9:1-7 (ESV)

The hard-heartedness of Pharaoh refused to acquiesce to the Lord’s request despite the destruction of the nation’s food supply.

With all of the livestock in the nation dead, except for those under the control of the Israelites, and a verified accounting given to Pharaoh, he still chooses to follow his foolishness and not submit to God’s request. The impending disaster of the nation seems to not even cross his mind. Where will the nation get the food to survive? Most of the grain crops are destroyed. Now, there will be no meat to eat. Without a care, the pride of this self-appointed “god” of the Egypt has doomed his people to a famine.

When pride overcomes common sense, death follows: Either the death of the proud or those who are dependent upon their care, or both.


Do you have an experience that mirrors this?

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