Which English Translation Should I Read?

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Recently I was asked, “What’s your favorite bible/version?”

My response went as follows …

Having read almost every English version, and now on my 38th pass cover-to-cover, the question depends on the purpose I’m reading.

My favorites:

NLT – Reading and getting the essence of the thought.
HCSB and ESV – When I want a clearer perspective on the language used.
NKJV – When I want to teach the Word to others.
CEB – For a fresh phraseology and a clarity often missed in others.
CEV – When I want the simple thoughts without the clutter of translator’s additions.

Far from this list is …

NASB – Too stilted and difficult to read.
NIV – Trying to be too contemporary.

And then this year …

MEV – I’m currently reading. I don’t find it as fresh and its less relatable but some of the translations are spot on and very intense.

Thanks for asking!

And for you …

I hope this helps you if you are planning to pick up a new Bible soon. Of course, I am here to help – not debate. Arguing over which Bible to read is like arguing over which way to eat eggs. Preference helps us consume the Word of God and HE does the changing through it!

For the global glory of God,

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