Episode 123 – Spiritual First Responders Rescue Those In Need!

Thank you for returning for another edition of the Transformed podcast.

We continue our series entitled, Where Is God Taking Us? today. God is launching the men and women of Pacific Baptist Church into their neighborhoods as care givers – Spiritual First Responders who actually care for the well being of the people who live around them – so that they might be the first person their neighbors come to for help of any kind!

In today’s episode, Dr. Matthew Smith, lead pastor of Pacific Baptist Church in El Segundo, California, shows us that First Responders see needs because they “love their neighbors as themselves.” As a result, they help the poor, support the fatherless, care for the widow, become eyes for the blind, feet for the lame, father the needy, and bring justice to the stranger.

As you open your Bible to Job 29, it is our hope and prayer that you, too, will be encouraged to live out the second commandment: “To love your neighbor AS yourself.”


Men and women across the auditorium chose to stand publicly and say that they were willing to accept God’s vision and mission to become a Spiritual First Responder so that they could demonstrate their love for their neighbors, just as they love themselves … by praying for our neighbors by name and need.  

If you have accepted God’s vision and mission to become a Spiritual First Responder, would you take the next steps in growing your love for your neighbor by getting into a small group of believers and digging into the Bible through group study?

To help you live out this message, you can take advantage of the thought of this message by ordering a copy of Pastor Matt’s book, Growing Missional Leaders.

Growing Missional Leaders is a practical, passionate, Biblical mentoring journey for individuals, small groups, leadership teams and congregations who desire to win their world for Christ. You can order a copy of Growing Missional Leaders from Amazon by clicking the link on the side panel of the Eagles In Leadership website.

We are praying that you would be filled with the love of God so that you can demonstrate His love to the lost and dying in your city! God bless!

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