In Times of Transition and Change In The Church

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The process of transition from a sick church to a healthy church is not an easy process! And when it begins, at least 5 things are true:

In Times of Transition

1)      Things do not stay the same

While we all like the security of stability, changes happen when we reorient our faith community to the health regimen of the New Testament.

2)      People are not what they seemed

As we evaluate everything based on spiritual health, the people around us who have been pretending feel exposed and often demonstrate their immaturity in graphic ways.

3)      The Church is no longer about me

Growing up is what health is all about in the local church and the core of spiritual growth is becoming “others-centered” and setting aside our own personal agenda.

4)      God can no longer be distant

In a sick church, God needs not be close, or even present, if we are to read Jesus’ words in Revelation 2-3 accurately. All that changes when we seek the health and life of Jesus in our midst!

5)      Life’s purpose is no longer a theory

Singing a few songs and giving a few bucks in the offering was all right when I just had to say I believed. Now, I need to discover why I am alive and present and what my part in God’s bigger plan is … and that takes some honest soul searching and practical changing.

In other words, when things begin to change from sick to healthy in our church, change reveals a lot about what we thought was true, but was just a façade. We need to be prepared for that.

Those are my thoughts. I would love to hear yours! Please comment below.

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