Prepare for These!

When was the last time everything happened just the way you planned it? Everyone makes travel plans with a “best-case scenario” in mind! However, when things don’t go according to their plan, many people lose the joy of the journey because of the problems of the present.

As we read the Bible together, we need to realize a few minutes planning and preparation now will help you avoid a few hours of frustration and anger later! Think about the following items and how you would cope with them should they arise:

  • Unforeseen delays. All of us have been stuck somewhere. A plane is late, a rainstorm slows down traffic, or somebody oversleeps. When taking the journey through the Bible, there are countless unforeseen delays. Things you don’t understand, customs that make no sense, and words or phrases that you are unfamiliar with. Often they can slow you down or stop you in your tracks. And before you know it, you are way behind on your itinerary! How will you choose to handle these delays? We suggest you prepare for these delays by preparing your attitude! Consider the delay as an opportunity to relax, to rest, to contemplate, and to meditate upon what you already know! This will make the journey much more pleasant than allowing the delay to raise your blood pressure! Consider these words of wisdom.

The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives. ~ William James

  • Mid-course corrections. When traveling to Disneyland one time, Space Mountain was closed. Another time while there, the Matterhorn was closed. Both instances were times when, although we had planned to enjoy these rides, there was nothing we could do to ride them. So, we adjusted our schedules. So too, when journeying through the Bible, there will be times when you will need to adjust your schedule. Something you thought you’d have little interest in fascinates you. You spend much more time in it than you planned for. Relax! Just reschedule your schedule! Remember: A journey through the Bible is supposed to be beneficial, so just relax, adjust and continue your trip with that good attitude mentioned above!
  • Rest stops. As I write this, I am an urban dweller. Physical exercise is a term I have to look up in a dictionary! When I see someone running down the street, I look for his or her assailant! So when I travel in Hawaii, and want to see a “breath-taking” view at the top of a mountain, you can be assured it will take my breath away! I already know that along the way I will need to stop and rest, to catch my breath! So too, while journeying through the Bible, you may need to take a break; a few days to rest and “catch your breath.” Great! Do it! Don’t allow the trip to discourage you by letting it “wear you out!” Take a break, and then return refreshed and ready for a new day of travel!

As we journey together through the Bible, we will discover many things that will make our travels through the Bible much more satisfying. In our next blog we will talk about the difficulty of current information when we are reading our Bible.

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