Who Will We Take On This Journey?

We are getting ready to read through the Bible in the New Year. Our goal is to read cover-to-cover and “Hear From Heaven in 2011!” I am asking you to think of this as an adventure, a journey …

When taking any journey, it is always more enjoyable to travel with someone else! On a spiritual journey through the Bible, this is also true! Just as an anniversary honeymoon trip to Hawaii would not be much fun without my wife, so too, a spiritual journey through the Bible would be of little fun if it were taken alone!

Who will you take along? When taking a spiritual journey, just like a physical journey, having someone along to share the experiences and their perspectives enriches the trip. You can point out things to each other you might miss if traveling alone – after all, four eyes are better than two!

When deciding whom you will take, I suggest someone close to you, someone you like! If married, perhaps your spouse. Are you a parent, why not your children? Have a close friend or buddy? Ask them to come along with you! If they can’t afford to whole trip, maybe you could help pay a part or all of it for them! (By buying them a Bible and an occasional cup of coffee or a soft drink when you get together?)

Take a moment and think about this question before you continue any farther. “Who will I ask to take this journey with me?” Write out several possibilities. After all, not every one will want to take a spiritual journey through the Bible! I’d make a list, something like this:

  • _________________________
  • _________________________
  • _________________________
  • _________________________

Now that you have a few names, make it a point to explain what you are about to do and ask them to join the journey with you. Ask your first choice and give them a day or two to think it over and get back to you. If they are not inclined to do so, ask your second, and so on until you have found a travel partner. Well, you getting closer to being ready to take that trip!

Next time we will talk about some preparations we need to make before we take off on our journey. See you next time!

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