EIL Interviews Dave Ferguson on 'Exponential'

We are thrilled to welcome Dave Ferguson back to the Transformed podcast today! Dave and his brother Jon have written a new book entitled, Exponential – How you and your friends can start a missional movement.” We, at Eagles In Leadership, believe this book is a ‘game changer’ for the church and its accomplishment of the Mission of Jesus Christ.

In this interview, Dave discusses …

  • How the book Exponential is truly ‘all about the mission!’
  • The 3 questions one needs to ask to discover what God is up to in your world.
  • The fact that vision becomes compelling when you start sharing the ‘God-things’ with others.
  • How important it is to be affirmed when it comes to doing the mission of Jesus and to be told ‘you can do it!’ by others.
  • The huge take-away concept of every leader becoming a reproducing leader.
  • How no one is allowed to move up in leadership at Community Christian Church if they have not reproduced themselves.
  • The leadership path that is  the dynamo of the entire Exponential movement.
  • The idea of an apprentice; what is an apprentice and how does this work?
  • How this reproducing concept becomes essential when it comes to artists.
  • What Dave and Jon mean by ‘reproducing tribes’ and how is that essential for fulfilling the mission of Jesus and creating a movement of God’s people.
  • From these tribes, one moves forward to reproducing larger communities of faith and then movements to accomplish the mission of Jesus.
  • The details of going through these stages creating a movement that is all about having a ‘reproducing mindset and strategy’ as part of the church DNA.
  • And so much more …

You can check out the book and order a copy of the book Exponential here.

You can check out the Exponential book videos here.

You can check out Community Christian Church here.

You can read Dave’s Blog here.

You can check out the New Thing Network here.

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