Vision is All About Where You Look

by Dr. Matthew Lee Smith, PhD

Faith is all about seeing what God has placed before you. Vision, in other words, is our faith employed through our attention to the details God has placed before us. But the question is, ‘What are we looking for?

  • First, we need to look up! In worship we discover the heart of God. Magnifying God’s character and compassion invigorates us to ‘go and do likewise.’
  • Second, we need to look out! God’s heart is always ‘on mission’ to bring his lost children home. Who around you yet knows of God’s love for them. God yearns to be reunited with them.
  • Third, we must look in! The life of God is always found in His family. As we look at what God is doing among the membership of our local congregation, we often find His vision. The easiest way to gain God’s vision among us is to join a small group of God’s people.
  • Next, we must look around! As we minister to one another and care for our family, friends, and even our foes, we discover what breaks God’s heart. What breaks God heart is where God’s vision.
  • Fifth, we must look at! Jesus is the incarnation of the vision of God. As we walk his walk and follow his example, as reflected in the Gospels, we mature in such a way as to discover the direction and determination of God.
  • Sixth, we must look for! Such an energetic and passionate love from God requires many to be involved in spreading His message. Mentoring future leaders (proteges) impresses upon our heart and soul the things that are vital to the heart of God.
  • Finally, we must look after! Once we start something, we must maintain it. Stewardship is all about doing things well and completely. God’s vision is ‘to do all things well.’

Vision is all about seeing. Where we look helps us see as God sees!

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