Becoming the Leader God Wants Us to Be – An Interview with Byron Paulus

Transformed is excited to connect you with Byron Paulus today. Byron Paulus is president of Life Action Ministries, a multi-faceted organization with the goal of seeing God send a revival and spiritual awakening to North America. He directs the publishing of several revival-oriented resources and oversees numerous local church and campus outreaches.

Life Action Ministries is on a mission! They have a single-minded focus to see God glorified through a revival among His people. This purpose has carried them for over three decades of work alongside the churches of our nation.

Life Action Ministries is the largest revival ministry in North America. The staff has grown from 1 to over 200 dedicated workers in 25 different departments.

We encourage you to check out the ministry if Life Action Revival Ministries at (  Byron is also on Twitter (@ByronPaulus).

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