Free Download of the Month – March 2010

Christian Audio is giving away two (2) FREE downloads this month – both which we feel would add deeply to your spiritual leadership and life.

Cost_of_Discipleship_search1The Cost of Discipleship

by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, read by Paul Michael
Dietrich Bonhoeffer lived a testimony of his thoughtful and engaging writers. Focusing on the most treasured part of Christ’s teaching – the Sermon on the Mount with its call to discipleship, and on the grace of God and the sacrifice which that demands. At the same time, it shares with many great Christian classics a quality of timelessness, so that it has spoken, and continues to speak powerfully, to the varied concerns of the contemporary world.

50_Reasons_Jesus_search1Fifty Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die

by John Piper

The most important questions anyone can ask are: Why was Jesus Christ crucified? Why did he suffer so much? What has this to do with me? Finally, who sent him to his death? The answer to the last question is that God did. Jesus was God’s Son. The suffering was unsurpassed, but the whole message of the Bible leads to this answer.

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  1. Tim Mauch says:

    Just stopping by to look around and to encourage you to keep getting the word out.

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