Transformed Episode #079 – When You're in the Wilderness


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As we continue in our series, Forgiveness – The Breath of Life!, we hope you are discovering the power and reality of authentic Christian forgiveness as you study through this series with us. In today’s episode, When You’re in the Wilderness, we learn how to move from feeling of guilt to feelings of grattude! It is easy to condemn revenge in the abstract. It is quite another matter to resist it in the real world. Often-times, the impulse to get even is overwhelmingly strong, usually cloaking itself as a desire for justice. But, as tempting as revenge is, our Savior calls His people to a lifestyle of forgiveness. Let’s join Dr. Matthew Lee Smith as he teaches the congregation at First Baptist Church of Palos Verdes Ca from 1 Samuel 25.1-13 how to be rescued from revenge.

Expressing and receiving God’s love and forgiveness is what Dr. Smith’s book, In His Image, is all about. As you respond to God’s Word and wisdom today, we are sure this book will show you both how to love like God loves and enjoy his forgiveness on a daily basis. Copies are available on Amazon (click here). We encourage you to order yours today.

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