Happy New Year!

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As we change out the calendars at our house this week, I always seem to reflect on two things: (1) How have I obeyed the Lord Jesus this year? and (2) Where will He lead me in the coming year?

As I contemplate these things, I am sure similar thoughts travel through your heart and soul as well. Who would have foreseen the financial cataclysm we all experienced this year? First came $4 gas and then the housing crisis, which led to the meltdown on Wall Street and now, enormous lay offs across our country.

Only an intimate and constant relationship with Jesus Christ can deal with the upheavals of these turbulent times. God has some amazing things in store for us this coming year. All of them depend upon our close companionship with Him and our obedience to His wise guidance. As you look forward, why not take a minute right now and bow before the Lord of Lords and place your ‘blank calendar’ at His disposal. Allow Him the right of ‘first choice’ and ‘first refusal’ for every event that goes on your Day-Timer! That’s what I am doing. I believe it is the only way to be able to say with confidence – Happy New Year!

So, from Mike, Tabitha, Melodee and Matt, “Happy New Year!” We are here to make your New Year the greatest ever. If we can be of service, provide resources or if you desire to have Dr. Smith come and provide leadership training for your event or team, just let us know!

© 2008 By Dr. Matthew Lee Smith

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