Merry Christmas!

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As we step into the homes of our friends and family this week, we, at Eagles in Leadership, would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas! Having our whole family together this Christmas reminds us of the great importance and value of our Lord Jesus Christ – His sacrifice to bring us into God’s family and the motivation behind it: God created us to love us!

While each and every one of us have strayed from God’s love at some point (Romans 3.10), Christmas reminds us that God has redeemed us to love us! As you spend time with family and friends this Christmas, it is true some of you will have to deal with people who stretch your faith and irritate you. However, as an eagle leader please remember that the point of Christmas is to provide the way for reconciliation, forgiveness and new life! You, as Christ’s representative at the Christmas table, can model the love you experience everyday with the people you call family and friends.

From Mike, Tabitha, Melodee and Matt, “Merry Christmas!” Enjoy the Lord Jesus and His people this week! Worship Him passionately and celebrate His birth with a generous gift – like all wise people do!

© 2008 By Dr. Matthew Lee Smith

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