Day 4, Audacious Faith CLAMORS for Impossible!

Do you have a need that MUST be answered?

Audacious faith doesn’t take the silence of our Messiah King Jesus as an answer. It’s not disrespect, it is URGENCY and genuine NEED!

When Jesus visited a community outside of Israel, He remained on mission: To the lost sheep, the people of Israel!”

The mother in this story had a daughter suffering from demon possession. The ONLY solution was for the Son of Man to remove that infestation TODAY!

When Jesus ignored her … well, read it for yourself in Matthew 15. What an example of audacious faith!
What is YOUR URGENT need that can’t wait for an answer … the silence is not acceptable because your need is so pressing?
Write it down in the comments below and let’s pray and fast together for one another and for our own URGENT NEED today!
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