Welcome to 21 Days of Audacious Faith, Day 1!


Jesus is looking for men and women of audacious faith!

In Matthew chapter 8, a Roman Centurion asked Jesus to come and heal his servant.
When Jesus said He would go and heal him, the Centurion and replied that would not be necessary. As a man who was used to giving orders, he understood the principle of authority. One with authority does not need to be present to accomplish a task. Orders may be carried out by others even at a distance.
Jesus marveled at the centurion’s great faith, for this was the kind of Faith He was vainly looking for in Israel.
In these 21 days of audacious faith we are going to reach out, reach up, pray and fast and ask Jesus to answer audacious prayers.
And Jesus’ response to the Centurion is the response that we want to hear in these 21 days and throughout 2020. “Go. It will be done for you just as you have believed!”
Join me again tomorrow as we continue praying and fasting with audacious faith. If you haven’t chosen a fasting plan yet, go to EaglesInLeadership.org and click the tab, “21 Days of Fasting for 2022.”



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4 Responses to Welcome to 21 Days of Audacious Faith, Day 1!

  1. andrew mugisha says:

    So awesome!

  2. oruk solomon says:

    i love this message , so powerful

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