Hope For Today #228 – Faith Savors God’s Forgiveness!

Faith Savors God’s Forgiveness!

In those days and at that time— this is the Lord’s declaration— one will search for Israel’s iniquity, but there will be none, and for Judah’s sins, but they will not be found, for I will forgive those I leave as a remnant.” (Jeremiah 50:20, CSB)

Why does God forgive us? We aren’t perfect, and when we are honest we know it and admit it! God knows our sin also and He has done something about it – He sent His only Son as a SUBSTITUTE for the penalties of our failures and rebellions against Him! If you have ever wondered about God’s forgiveness of YOUR sin, be assured God is ready to forgive you today!

So today, if you are in need of a “faith boost,” give us TWO minutes and allow us to remind you of the supernatural power of your God!

Just push the PLAY button below and enjoy this latest message!

BOGO in November!

In His Presence, Doc’s book on the Psalms revolves around the premise: “God welcomes us into His presence with joy and pleasure!” will be featured as a “Buy One Get One Free!” in the month of October!

This book is set up as a daily devotional and takes us through EVERY verse of the book of Psalms in one year!

Simply message Doc at: BooksByDoc[at]gmail.com (replacing [at] with @) and let him know how many books you want.

BOGO is: $19.95 for TWO + $7.00 shipping and handling. NO limit on the number of orders.

BOGO for “In His Presence” lasts THE ENTIRE month of November! Start thinking of the people you want to GIFT the book to … perhaps even for Christmas … and encourage them ALL year long to enjoy the presence of God every day!

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2 Responses to Hope For Today #228 – Faith Savors God’s Forgiveness!

  1. Christene says:

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom and pointing us towards Jesus!

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