Hope For Today #190 – Faith Overcomes Our Storm!

Easter Is 4 Weeks Away!

2021 is moving at break-neck speed!

And despite the way the world tries to keep us distracted with diasater and disease, God has given Doc and the Eagles In Leadership team the word for the New Year: 2021 Is Our Year of Growth! 

We believe God is about to GROW our lives and ministries, our marriages and our dreams into God-sized levels!

As we re-turn our focus to 2021, Our Year of Growth!  – please take two minutes and be encouraged with some Hope For Today!  We know you will be glad you did!

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Kate and I rejoice that 2021 is Our Year of Growth!

And we want to help YOU with your GROWTH plans for 2021!

  • That’s one of the reasons Doc wrote, Growing Missional Leaders. This easy to read, Biblical, practical book will give you insights into how God expands our lives when we focus on His methods! If would like to experience greater effectiveness in 2021 and enjoy more of God’s power in your life, take a moment, go to our website – Eagles In Leadership .org– and click on the book cover for Growing Missional Leaders. You can order it today from Amazon!
Just a reminder …

Hope For Today is a part of the global ministry of Eagles In Leadership. If you would like to know more about the hope God gives and His abundant life through Jesus Christ, I would invite you to check out our website: Eagles In Leadership . org; that’s Eagles In Leadership .org.

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