Hope For Today #180 – 2021 A New Year of Growth!

2021 is just days away!

And MOST of us are MORE than ready to put this year behind us.

With the fresh calendar comes fresh hope! God has given Doc and the Eagles In Leadership the word for the New Year: 2021, Our Year of Growth! 

We believe God is about to GROW our lives and ministries, our marriages and our dreams into God-sized levels!

As we turn our focus to 2021, Our Year of Growth!  – please take two minutes and be encouraged with some Hope For Today!  We know you will be glad you did!

And of course, please share this with a friend! 


Doc’s Newest Book!

We are so VERY excited to tell you about a NEW book Doc has written! It is available NOW on Amazon.com. We hope you will pick up a copy for yourself and for some of your friends who are struggling with grief!

Entering Into Death’s Shadow Valley: Experiencing the Reality that They are Gone Forever  is a sensitive and well written book witten by a close friend and former professor of mine that has a longstanding career as a Pastor, Missionary, Professor, and author of Christian books and the Eagles in Leadership blog. (EaglesInLeadership.org)

“Doc as his friends know him, walks us through his personal journey through Death’s Shadow Valley after the death of his wife, Melodee Joy Smith, after 38 years, five months, and two days.

“Unlike other books dealing with grief, Doc’s is refreshingly raw and honest. He gives you real help where it is needed most by asking the hard questions and referencing biblical passages to help you along in your journey through the valley!

“I personally lost my husband of 25 years to COVID on April 17th of this year and Doc’s book was a powerful force in my journey 🙏”

~ Gia Aguilar

You can order now or read on Kindle Unlimited with Amazon: https://bit.ly/EnteringDSV


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